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What's on at the MWAC
Sun 24th Apr 16
Fri 28th Oct 16
Sculpture Cymru At M W A C - Home Of Sculptors In Wales 2016
The National organisation of professional Sculptors in Wales ‘Sculpture Cymru’ celebrated the opening of an exciting new ‘Test’ space and Sculpture Trail in 2015 at Mid Wales Arts Centre, Caersws. Alison Lochead of Sculpture Cymru and the Gas Gallery said it was the beginning of an exciting period for Sculpture Cymru who have wanted a ‘Hiraeth' , (home) where they could have a permanent exhibition space to show their work and exchange ideas.
Sculpture Cymru members organise exhibitions, residencies, workshops and seminars. Members also work with sculptors and groups from other countries. Recent collaborations have involved artists from Brittany, Ireland, Catalunya, Argentina and the USA.
The organisation also offers advice and management for sculptural projects and welcomes applications from sculptors interested in joining the group.
After a fantastic start, 2016 will see the expansion of this 'Hiraeth'.

As well as work from Sculpture Cymru members, there will also be a varied collection from the Tengenenge sculptors. Tengenenge is a village in the North of Zimbabwae, where all of the residents are artists, who make their living by sculpting stone. With the downfall of the economy and in turn, the lack of tourism, the Tengenenge's have suffered with less visitors to the village and therefore selling less work. However, despite these hardships, the community has survived due to the passion and the energy of these people! We're delighted to be a support and a place to exhibit and sell their work.

Entrance is free.

Sun 4th Sep 16
Thu 27th Oct 16
4 artists from Oswestry will be showing their work during September. The four, two painters, a tapestry weaver, and a jewellery maker, exhibit together as a group called "Earthscape", as well having solo exhibition around Wales and England.
As the name implies, the "Earthscape" artists are inspired by the natural world, and the landscape that we are lucky enough to live in. The artists methods and media are different, but the completed artworks have strong harmonious connections, with a strong focus on the artistic process. They share a belief that, through colour and process, there is an emotional level to art that goes beyond its purely representational appearance.

Ros Hornbuckle experiences the long process of tapestry weaving as a form of meditation. She finds inspiration in the landscape around water, especially the sea. Her tapestries are woven with hand spun local wool, with many colours blended during carding and so have a uniquely textured and painterly quality. The end result, after weeks of work, is an image that is both surprising and vibrant.

Gill Crozier draws in sketchbooks as an immediate reaction to a situation or place. She uses mostly acrylic paint and works with colour and line, often on a prepared, textured surface which can produce random marks and patterns to then work with. Colours come from observation, but are changed to fit the emotional experience. Rocks in their many varieties of form have long been a source of inspiration - whether being pounded by the sea, shaped by the weather or by mankind.

Janie McLeod is essentially a landscape painter but draws on the thinking and working practice of Abstract Expressionism, where what goes on the canvas is not so much a picture as an event. It is the often difficult battle between what is seen and what is felt that is played out on the painted surface. It is the sheer physicality of moving paint around whilst retaining an emotional connection to 'Place' (most often the far West of Cornwall and North Wales) which challenges Janie during each work.

Graham Mitchell crafts jewellery in wood, gemstones, and found items. His work requires a detailed knowledge of the structure and properties of the materials and how they interact. The shapes and patterns are inspired by the natural landscape, but evolve as each piece is hand worked. Each piece is unique and personal, but fails to become an item of jewellery, until someone selects and wears it as an expression as to "who they are". The relationship between material, maker and wearer completes the artistic process.

Tue 27th Sep 16
Thu 27th Oct 16
Being A Teen In '16
See the results of the brilliant 'Team of '16'.
MWA's Summer Sculpture Programme for teenagers'
From original sketches and simple maquettes to the final life size pieces in paper and concrete mix.
Take a selfie with the finished articles!
In conjunction with Mid Wales Food and Land Trust, local artists and members of Sculpture Cymru and sponsored by the National Lottery.

Sat 8th Oct 16
Sat 8th Oct 16
Advanced Lino Printing With Jeb Nichols
We have asked Jeb to return by popular demand!
Jeb is a talented, practising artist, printmaker and experienced teacher who is in demand to run courses throughout the UK. Enjoy a day in the studio developing the potential of the art of linocutting and exploring its use with other media.
Linocut is a traditional relief printing method in which pieces of lino are cut away using special carving tools to create a design. The lino block is then inked up using a roller, and printed onto paper either by hand or using a traditional printing press.
£40 per person based on 8 people to include basic materials for the day. Food available from the café, if pre booked a healthy buffet lunch can be provided for £7.50

Thu 20th Oct 16
Thu 20th Oct 16
Mid Wales Poetry Open Mic Evening
Our regular open mic poetry evening in the relaxed atmosphere of the gallery, for all those who enjoy poetry.

• Bring a favourite poem to read
• Read or perform your own work
• Or just come and listen!

Guest poets: Deborah Alma (famous as the Emergency Poet - see https://emergencypoet.com/) and James Sheard (see www.keele.ac.uk/english/people/jamessheard/)
Emergency Poet was conceived by poet and writer Deborah Alma as a fun way of bringing poetry to people. She is assisted in this by creative partner and poet James Sheard, who has been writing and publishing poetry for over 20 years. They will be without their poetry ambulance at MWPOM, so it will be an exciting opportunity to hear them reading their own work.

Compered by Jane Dards
Admission £3. All welcome. Refreshments available. Cafe-style seating.
A chance to view the current exhibition.
For more information, contact Jane Dards (01686 689082 or email jane@janedards.co.uk) or Cathy Knapp (MWAC)

Sun 26th Mar 17
Sun 26th Mar 17
Aberystwyth Printmakers Collective
Aberystwyth Printmakers is an organization whose aim is to promote printmaking in all its forms. Our members range from students to internationally known professional artists, and we have a long association with the School of Art, Aberystwyth University. We showcase our work annually in exhibitions across Wales and internationally.

Mid Wales Arts will re-open and launch their 2017 programme with an Exhibition of works from the members of Aberystwyth Printmakers.