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Sun 24th Apr 16
Fri 28th Oct 16
Sculpture Cymru At M W A C - Home Of Sculptors In Wales 2016
The National organisation of professional Sculptors in Wales ‘Sculpture Cymru’ celebrated the opening of an exciting new ‘Test’ space and Sculpture Trail in 2015 at Mid Wales Arts Centre, Caersws. Alison Lochead of Sculpture Cymru and the Gas Gallery said it was the beginning of an exciting period for Sculpture Cymru who have wanted a ‘Hiraeth' , (home) where they could have a permanent exhibition space to show their work and exchange ideas.
Sculpture Cymru members organise exhibitions, residencies, workshops and seminars. Members also work with sculptors and groups from other countries. Recent collaborations have involved artists from Brittany, Ireland, Catalunya, Argentina and the USA.
The organisation also offers advice and management for sculptural projects and welcomes applications from sculptors interested in joining the group.
After a fantastic start, 2016 will see the expansion of this 'Hiraeth'.

As well as work from Sculpture Cymru members, there will also be a varied collection from the Tengenenge sculptors. Tengenenge is a village in the North of Zimbabwae, where all of the residents are artists, who make their living by sculpting stone. With the downfall of the economy and in turn, the lack of tourism, the Tengenenge's have suffered with less visitors to the village and therefore selling less work. However, despite these hardships, the community has survived due to the passion and the energy of these people! We're delighted to be a support and a place to exhibit and sell their work.

Entrance is free.

Sun 17th Jul 16
Sun 28th Aug 16
Royal Watercolour Society Of Wales - The Summer Show
Important contemporary Welsh Artists present a wide ranging exhibition where they individually explore and push the boundaries of the traditional form of watercolour painting with innovative techniques, materials and ways of looking.

The Royal Watercolour Society of Wales was formed by six like-minded artists, in Cardiff 1959. It now has around 40 members all professional artists living and working in Wales. Entry to the Society is by election, and in this way the Society maintains high standards of work as well as attracting new talent to its ranks.

In 2007 The Society was honoured when the Prince of Wales agreed to become its Patron having exhibited with the Society for some years. A further honour followed in 2013 when Her Majesty the Queen agreed that the name of the Watercolour Society of Wales be changed to the Royal Watercolour Society.

At Mid Wales Arts, we're delighted to be exhibiting 'The Summer Show' which presents the landscape and life of Wales in all forms. It promises to be varied, colourful and stimulating.

Wed 27th Jul 16
Thu 25th Aug 16
STARTS 10am - 4pm
Sculpteen - Free Workshop Programme For Teens
Mid Wales Arts are working in association with the Mid Wales Food and Land Trust to run a Summer programme for teenagers on Wednesdays and Thursdays throughout the Summer Holidays, called 'Sculpteen' - based on being a teen in 2016. A lottery-funded project.
Students will be given an introduction to different sculpture techniques by professional sculptors, to enable them to imaginine, design and produce a large piece of collaborative piece with some members of Sculpture Cyrmu in August 2016.
Over the course of the programme, sessions will take place at both Mid Wales Arts Centre + The Market Hall, Newtown.
This is a fantastic opportunity for young people to develop a portfolio and gain some working experience with professional Artists - as well as being fun, too!

Booking essential. Contact:

info@midwalesarts.org.uk // 01686 688369

Dates of sessions : 2nd June / 3rd June / 27th July / 28th July / 3rd August / 4th August / 10th August / 11th August / 17th August/ 18th August / 24th August / 25th August

Fri 29th Jul 16
Fri 26th Aug 16
STARTS 10am-4pm
Children's Workshops - Fridays Beginning Last Week In July
Each Summer, the Mid Wales Arts School run Art workshops every Friday beginning the last week of July through August.
Highly skilled artists with teaching experience offer enjoyable activities designed to develop skills, confidence and extend your child's creativity. Aimed at 7-14 years, 10am -4pm £17.50 per session includes all materials. Children should wear old clothes and bring a packed lunch. Over the last few years, these have proved increasingly popular so booking is essential. Please contact 07970671819/01686 688369 / info@midwalesarts.org.uk for a booking form.

This Summer we are offering specialist classes by professionals:

Friday 29th July - Clay Creatures with Cathy Knapp
Friday 5th August - Sara Philpott - Artist's Secrets with Sara Philpott
Friday 12th - Drawing and Painting Animals with Nicky Arscott
Friday 19th - Wire Sculpture with Cathy Knapp
Friday 26th - Textiles with Sara Philpott

Sat 20th Aug 16
Sat 20th Aug 16
STARTS 10am - 4pm
Masterclass In Enamel 2: Student Course
On Saturday 20th August, Mid Wales Arts will be holding a second Student Enamelling workshop with Jill Leventon. Jill is a highly respected member of the British Sociegty of Enamellers and the British Guild of enamellers.

You will have the chance to make your own small scale sculpture, entirely made from your design.

You must be a student to apply. Places are limited, and booking is essential

01686688369 / info@midwalesarts.org.uk for a booking form

Sun 4th Sep 16
Thu 27th Oct 16
4 artists from Oswestry will be showing their work during September. The four, two painters, a tapestry weaver, and a jewellery maker, exhibit together as a group called "Earthscape", as well having solo exhibition around Wales and England.
As the name implies, the "Earthscape" artists are inspired by the natural world, and the landscape that we are lucky enough to live in. The artists methods and media are different, but the completed artworks have strong harmonious connections, with a strong focus on the artistic process. They share a belief that, through colour and process, there is an emotional level to art that goes beyond its purely representational appearance.

Ros Hornbuckle experiences the long process of tapestry weaving as a form of meditation. She finds inspiration in the landscape around water, especially the sea. Her tapestries are woven with hand spun local wool, with many colours blended during carding and so have a uniquely textured and painterly quality. The end result, after weeks of work, is an image that is both surprising and vibrant.

Gill Crozier draws in sketchbooks as an immediate reaction to a situation or place. She uses mostly acrylic paint and works with colour and line, often on a prepared, textured surface which can produce random marks and patterns to then work with. Colours come from observation, but are changed to fit the emotional experience. Rocks in their many varieties of form have long been a source of inspiration - whether being pounded by the sea, shaped by the weather or by mankind.

Janie McLeod is essentially a landscape painter but draws on the thinking and working practice of Abstract Expressionism, where what goes on the canvas is not so much a picture as an event. It is the often difficult battle between what is seen and what is felt that is played out on the painted surface. It is the sheer physicality of moving paint around whilst retaining an emotional connection to 'Place' (most often the far West of Cornwall and North Wales) which challenges Janie during each work.

Graham Mitchell crafts jewellery in wood, gemstones, and found items. His work requires a detailed knowledge of the structure and properties of the materials and how they interact. The shapes and patterns are inspired by the natural landscape, but evolve as each piece is hand worked. Each piece is unique and personal, but fails to become an item of jewellery, until someone selects and wears it as an expression as to "who they are". The relationship between material, maker and wearer completes the artistic process.

Tue 6th Sep 16
Wed 7th Sep 16
STARTS 10-4pm
Painting On Metal - Approaches To Mural Making With Edward Heath

Edward Heath was Head of Enamelling at Kingston School of Art for many years. He was a principal assistant to Stefan Knapp and worked closely with him on many of the world's largest enamel murals. Edward has exhibited Internationally for many years. He has also worked in the commercial world, running a design company in London. His signature piece the pagoda on the banks of the Thames by the House of Lords, is testament to his skill and place in the world of enamelling.

This two day course, suitable for all abilities will give participants the chance to learn about the process of applying vitreous enamel onto a flat steel plate, ‘scraffito’ – drawing, design and shape-making before the firing process. This process can be repeated continuously to strengthen the initial image or to ‘float’ and create a mirage of shapes and line drawings on top of the existing picture. This is a truly unique form of creativity, where you will have the chance to begin to make a mural completely of your own design.

Cost :£160 to include tea, coffee and lunch, enamels used by the group and test pieces of ground-coated steel.

Available from MWA: larger pieces of ground-coated steel (25cm x 25cm) at cost.

Participants are advised to bring Apron/overall, sketches and designs, small glass/plastic containers to contain wet enamel, any favourite tools you may already have.

Tue 13th Sep 16
Wed 14th Sep 16
Creative And Experimental Surfaces For Vitreous Enamel On Metal
Elizabeth Turrell has an international reputation as an innovative enamel artist. She has exhibited and taught widely, and is Director of Studio Fusion, London.Creative and experimental surfaces for vitreous enamel on metal.
The workshop is suitable for beginners as well as enamellists, jewellers and artists from other disciplines. It will encourage an innovative and personal approach.

The students will have the opportunity to experiment with various non-traditional enamel processes including drawing, (sgraffito), painting, stencilling, stamping and other forms of relief printing.

The aim will be to producing a panel or group of panels that could form a small mural.

Students are encouraged to bring examples of their work, drawings, photographs and any source material they might like to develop during the workshop

Elizabeth will be teaching on 13th + 14th September.

Cost: £120 including basic materials.
A delicious and homemade lunch can be purchased from the cafe at £7.50 per day

Sat 17th Sep 16
Sun 18th Sep 16
STARTS 10am - 4pm
2nd Pottery Weekend - A N D Y W A R R E N
Due to the popularity of the first Andy Warren Pottery Workshop in March, we are delighted to offer another weekend with Andy Warren mid- September. Whether you are a complete beginner, or want to come on the workshop again to learn new things and develop your skills, this isn't one to miss!

Andy Warren will be running a 2 day pottery workshop in the studio. Andy has been making pots for over 40 years, and is an experienced teacher. He will be giving a hands-on 2 day workshop suitable for all abilities. Over the 2 days you will have the opportunity to use slips on leather hard pieces that will be fired and ready for collection 2 weeks' later. Cost for the two-day course is £90. A healthy, organic lunch is available for £7.50. Accommodation is available at the centre. Spaces are limited, so please book to avoid disappointment! To make a booking please contact info@midwalesarts.org.uk or ring 01686 688369.

One participant of the same course in March said:

Thank you so much for your wonderful hospitality and superb lunch over the weekend. I loved Andy's Pottery Workshop and the lovely setting.

Will certainly be visiting you again.

Sat 24th Sep 16
Sat 24th Sep 16
Advanced Lino Printing With Jeb Nichols
We have asked Jeb to return by popular demand!
Jeb is a talented, practising artist, printmaker and experienced teacher who is in demand to run courses throughout the UK. Enjoy a day in the studio developing the potential of the art of linocutting and exploring its use with other media.
Linocut is a traditional relief printing method in which pieces of lino are cut away using special carving tools to create a design. The lino block is then inked up using a roller, and printed onto paper either by hand or using a traditional printing press.
£40 per person based on 8 people to include basic materials for the day. Food available from the café, if pre booked a healthy buffet lunch can be provided for £7.50

Sat 24th Sep 16
Sun 25th Sep 16
STARTS 10 am
Stone Carving Course With Nick Lloyd
Nick Lloyd is a sculptor with an International reputation. Winning the Rome Scholarship in Sculpture in 1975, Nick trained with John Paddison and later took over from him as Head of Sculpture at Wolverhampton. He is a member of Sculpture Cymru - The Association of Sculptors in Wales.
This is an introduction to stone carving in relation to place, so thinking about the place where the course is run at the Mid Wales Art Centre. You will be invited to look at some of the examples of carving to be found at the centre, of how they were made and why. You will be invited to bring either sketches or models of something you have been working on, or some photographs or sources that you might like to explore, - a strong image, a landscape or an idea of some kind – maybe an emotion or a feeling that you would like to use as a starting point..

Day 1
Talk. This will cover an introduction to stone, safe working, and developing an idea.
Slide show. The process of removal, of subtraction - “taking away”. Different types of stone, sedimentary and non sedimentary stones, harder stones, the role of tools, marks and smoothing and polishing. Use of power tools. and hand tools. Other aspects : Personal Protective Equipment, sometimes called PPE. the importance of eye protection. Manual handling, setting up a piece of stone.

Day 2. Learning how to work in the round, thinking about exploring a form through shaping.
Making decisions and being bold. Slide show – looking at other examples of carving, how they were done, etc. why they work, why they are interesting. Scale and site discussed. End of day discussion. Care and sharpening of points, chisels, appropriate use of files, rasps and sanding blocks etc. Polishing, finishing, making a base, finding a site, photographing your work. Buying your own tools – what you will need, making a work base, lifting and moving equipment if appropriate.

Cost: £100 for both days, basic materials included. Concessions available.

Sat 1st Oct 16
Sun 2nd Oct 16
Residential Artistic Blacksmithing Courses With Spike Blackhurst
2 x 1 day courses with Spike Blackhurst.

This is a practical course, suitable for beginners age 16 and over. All tools, materials and safety equipment will be provided. Attendees are asked to wear working clothes and stout footwear. After covering health and safety procedures in the forge you will be shown the tools, equipment and how to light and use the forge.

You will also get to work on an anvil and learn how to manipulate the metal with a variety of techniques. Spend the morning practising these techniques and forging hooks and pokers then in the afternoon you will be able to put all these processes together to create your own forged metalwork to take home.

For prices and for more information you can contact Spike Directly on 07713397768
or email info@midwalesarts.org.uk for brochures and price plan.

Thu 20th Oct 16
Thu 20th Oct 16
Mid Wales Poetry Open Mic Evening
Our regular open mic poetry evening in the relaxed atmosphere of the gallery, for all those who enjoy poetry.

• Bring a favourite poem to read
• Read or perform your own work
• Or just come and listen!

Guest poets: Deborah Alma (famous as the Emergency Poet - see https://emergencypoet.com/) and James Sheard (see www.keele.ac.uk/english/people/jamessheard/)
Emergency Poet was conceived by poet and writer Deborah Alma as a fun way of bringing poetry to people. She is assisted in this by creative partner and poet James Sheard, who has been writing and publishing poetry for over 20 years. They will be without their poetry ambulance at MWPOM, so it will be an exciting opportunity to hear them reading their own work.

Compered by Jane Dards
Admission £3. All welcome. Refreshments available. Cafe-style seating.
A chance to view the current exhibition.
For more information, contact Jane Dards (01686 689082 or email jane@janedards.co.uk) or Cathy Knapp (MWAC)

Sun 26th Mar 17
Sun 26th Mar 17
Aberystwyth Printmakers Collective
Aberystwyth Printmakers is an organization whose aim is to promote printmaking in all its forms. Our members range from students to internationally known professional artists, and we have a long association with the School of Art, Aberystwyth University. We showcase our work annually in exhibitions across Wales and internationally.

Mid Wales Arts will re-open and launch their 2017 programme with an Exhibition of works from the members of Aberystwyth Printmakers.