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Angela Thorpe

I work on a Victorian Gothic hand press using limestone blocks in the traditional way. I sometimes wonder whether the enormous physical effort involved is a way of balancing the pleasure of pulling print – that familiar Protestant ethic again! The medium itself requires another sort of balance: it allows you to draw in a free way and yet you must be anticipating several colours, printing one over the other – a kind of premeditated spontaneity. I almost always use 3 or 4 colours and the buzz comes with superimposing one transparent colour over another.

Angela Thorpe. £120. Camping Le Port. 24x29cm..jpg 

£120. Camping Le Port. 24x29cm

Angela Thorpe. £120. Chirbury Lane. 34x26cm..jpg 

 £120. Chirbury Lane. 34x26cm

Angela Thorpe. £120. Duet. 28x31cm..jpg 

£120. Duet. 28x31cm

Angela Thorpe. £120. Favourite Hill. 40x31cm..jpg 

 £120. Favourite Hill

Angela Thorpe. £120. October. 39x28cm..jpg 

£120. October. 39x28cm


Angela Thorpe. £120. Remembering Celandines. 31x29cm..jpg 

£120. Remembering Celandines. 31x29cm

Angela Thorpe. £120. Shrine. 40x32cm..jpg 

£120. Shrine. 40x32cm

Angela Thorpe. £120. The Dancers are All Gone Under the Hill. 32x36cm..jpg

 £120. The Dancers are All Gone Under the Hill. 32x36cm

Angela Thorpe. £120. We are Such Stuff as Dreams are Made on. 34x28cm..jpg 

 £120. We are Such Stuff as Dreams are Made on. 34x28cm

Angela Thorpe. £120. What we Found in Venice. 41x32cm..jpg  

£120. What we Found in Venice. 41x32cm