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Sculpture Park

Thursdays to Sundays OPEN TO ALL
20th Apr 2019 - 27th Oct 2019

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Sculpture Park

 Enjoy walking in beautiful scenery and discovering over 100 extraordinary and varied pieces of original sculpture from Wales and Zimbabwe. 

The national organisation of sculptors in Wales ‘Sculpture Cymru’ opened an exciting test space and Sculpture Trail in 2015 at Mid Wales Arts. Alison Lochhead of Sculpture Cymru and the former Gas Gallery said it was the beginning of an exciting period for Sculpture Cymru who have wanted a home where they could have a permanent exhibition space to show their work and exchange ideas.
Sculpture Cymru members organise exhibitions, residencies, workshops and seminars. Members also work with sculptors and groups from other countries. Recent collaborations have involved artists from Brittany, Ireland, Catalunya, Argentina and the USA.
The organisation also offers advice and management for sculptural projects and welcomes applications from sculptors interested in joining the group.
After a fantastic start, 2017 saw the further development of the MWA sculpture trail.

As well as work from Sculpture Cymru members in the grounds, there is a collection of Tengenenge sculptures. Tengenenge is in the North of Zimbabwe; all of the residents are artists, who make their living by sculpting stone. With the downfall of the economy and in turn, the lack of tourism, the Tengenenge's have suffered with less visitors to the village and therefore selling less work. However, despite these hardships, the community has survived due to the passion and the energy of these people! We're delighted to be a support and provide a place to exhibit and sell their work.

Parking and entrance is free.

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