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Ruth Kirkby Watercolour Workshop

Wed 10-4
22nd Apr 2020

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Ruth Kirkby Watercolour Workshop

Watercolour course – what happens

Starting with the very basic wet-on-wet application of paint, Ruth will show participants how to alter and vary their use of colour washes, using some very simple but fascinating ideas. 

We then move on to how to apply layers of colour, blanking out certain areas, and isolating other areas to create depth and distance. 

Lifting off of the paint will also be demonstrated, and then some more unusual ways of adding texture and interest. 

Ruth will demonstrate each process, and then provide advice and encouragement as required while participants practise on their own paintings, building up a repertoire of fascinating ideas.

This course is suitable for both beginners and intermediate alike, and everyone should go home enthused to try some of these ideas at home

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